Bites and Stings

Did you know there are 37 known species of snakes that call North Carolina home and that five of those species are venomous? You might run into one of two venomous spiders that live here as well.

If a critter bites or stings you, the staff at Carolinas Poison Center has unique, specialized knowledge of how to help. Some bites and stings if left untreated can cause serious complications. Our nurses and other specially trained staff have unique knowledge of all things that bite and sting that are native to our area. We know when you can be treated at home and when you might need care at a hospital.

We know all about caterpillar stings, ticks, insects, and creatures that live in the ocean if you are stung there, too.

You can call us at 1-800-222-1222.

Bits and Stings