When you think about poisons in your home, what items come to mind? Probably not medication. Taking medications has become so routine that many of us may overlook their potential danger. Traditionally about 70% of NC Poison Control calls involve medications. 
  • New parents call or chat about their children getting too much medication after a wrong amount was given or the wrong medication was given.
  • Adults call or chat when they accidentally take someone else’s medication like a child’s, spouse’s, or even pet’s.
  • Senior adults call or chat when they take a medication in the wrong way, like swallowing a medication meant for inhalation.
In any case, our staff of experts is able to determine the best treatment options for the patient.  If you experience a medication error, call our experts right away at 1-800-222-1222. Don’t wait! Symptoms and reactions may be delayed.
Prescription bottles and pills on a counter