Poisonings don’t only happen to children. Older adults are one of the fastest growing groups of individuals experiencing accidental medication poisonings. Some of the most common medication mistakes include:
  • taking the wrong medication for the time of day.
  • taking more medication than directed.
  • taking a spouse’s medication.
  • taking a medication in a way it was not intended (like swallowing a medicine meant for inhalation).
We combine our unique knowledge of drug information and toxicology expertise to help determine the severity of your situation. Our specialized nurses and pharmacists can help you watch for specific signs and advise you on how to treat those symptoms if they develop. Let us put your mind at ease: 1-800-222-1222.
An elderly man looks at a pill bottle in his hand while sitting across the table from a doctor in the doctor's office. He appears to be making a decision about it.