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When can prescription pain relievers be dangerous?

Misusing or abusing prescription drugs can be harmful. Often prescription medications are prescribed by doctors. Popular examples of these drugs include:

Generic name






Brand names

Vicodin® / Lortab®

OxyContin® / Percocet®

Methadose® / Dolophine®

Actiq® / Duragesic®

In reality, the improper use of prescription pain relievers can be devastating and can cause breathing trouble, seizures, addiction, and even death. A recent report by the CDC shows that nearly 12 million Americans reported misusing prescription opioids within the past year. NC Poison Control wants you to be aware of the dangers of misusing or abusing prescription drugs. People can misuse or abuse a prescription drug by:
  • taking a prescription not meant for them.
  • taking more of their own medication than what is prescribed.
If you have questions about prescription pain relievers, how they interact with other drugs, or if you think you may have taken too many, call NC Poison Control anytime day or night. We never close, and every call is free and confidential: 1-800-222-1222.
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